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2024 Predictions are crazy! Unless... #tips - Lincoln Island's Journey

Published 6 months ago • 2 min read

December 12, 2023.

Dear Reader, I have been scanning the internet for information that leads me to build an accurate base for predicting the coming year,2024. I checked from scientists, economists, astrologists, and pundits of all kinds. What I found is shocking!

From a personal perspective, in 2024, the potential for suffering, having painful experiences, and getting stuck will increase compared to the last few years. Unless...

...You pause, reflect on your old year experiences, and get to the root of your dissatisfaction. It is not enough to pinpoint who or what causes your suffering; you must realize that you are responsible for your feelings. Is 2024 the year of emotional self-responsibility?

In 2024, you will see natural catastrophes, war, disease, and changes in your work environment of such magnitude that you might feel stuck and hopeless. Unless...

...You pause, reflect on what you do that you dislike, and find new ways of doing more of what you do well and enjoy. This new year brings you the power to decide consciously to act accordingly. Is 2024 the year we stop waiting for good things to come out of thin air?

Everything seems to suggest that 2024 will be filled with economic volatility, relationship challenges, and, of course, a few moments of pure joy. Unless...

...You figure that every year is essentially the same, an idea, just a platform for circumstances to happen, a scenario for you to take conscious action. The experiences we dislike are the ones that point us in the right direction; therefore, paying special attention to them is a good idea.

Or unless...

...You figure that you are the one that makes your experience of life more joyful, meaningful, impactful, and inspiring. When we start seeing that it is not the year or other external circumstances responsible for our well-being, we perceive the world differently and take responsibility for our actions and mistakes. It is then that we start feeling the need to celebrate and be grateful for the simple things.

Because of that, I wish for you and me to remember that ideas and belief systems are too small to hold the entire truth. I wish for us to learn to integrate what we like and dislike as valuable clues that can drive us into a more effortless flow of growth. I wish for you and me to remember to distrust our limited ability to judge so we leave space for more opinions and perspectives. I wish we use the new year as an opportunity to set healthy boundaries, learn to empower ourselves, and stop sacrificing unnecessarily our well-being for the approval of others.

I see that "doing something different to get different results" means accepting ourselves as we are, the negative and the positive. Life seems to be the process of transforming our perceived lacks or limitations into strengths. In my case, I thought that what others perceived in me as a damaging lack of structure was my unique way of getting into a flow of creativity. That lack, something I felt embarrassed about in the past, is one of the characteristics I enjoy and defend more these days.

I wish for you and me to each day become better masters of living a great life.

It is shocking to see that after millennia, we keep starting every new year believing in outdated and narrow thoughts and ideas, false hopes, and almost superstitious expectations that keep us under the mood of our luck.




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