January 31, 2023.

Afraid of the AI?

The topic of AI is getting… wait, what’s that word that describes the overwhelming feeling after you eat too many sweets?

Any new situation presents uncertainty, and AI, as the Internet did some years ago, is a disruptive technology that will change how we live our day to day. But before we get afraid, we must consider what is familiar in this process.

Tech disruptive change has happened before. What can we expect?

  • The traditional media will polarize the topic: threats vs. opportunities using their traditional fear tactics.
  • Politicians and authorities will use polarization for their interests.
  • The majority will wait for others to react while resisting change.
  • A slight minority will surf the wave, ignoring the nay-sayers.
  • Many big and small companies will be late to respond and fade away.
  • Many will prematurely call themselves experts, many will stay behind, and some will become true experts.

From my life experience, I know that the ones with higher levels of resistance to change are the ones that suffer the consequences. Early adopters feel the burn, true, but they are also ready to adapt to changes and opportunities.

So, if you are in the fear zone, I recommend you is to ask yourself the following:

If you are afraid of losing competitiveness, are you confident of the value you bring? If not, why not focus on that?
If you are afraid that you are getting too old to adapt to new technologies, are you sure that isn’t a fear reaction that tries to keep you in your comfort zone? What’s the smallest step to getting into good AI-times shape?
If you are doing work that might be easily automated, is it time to upgrade your skill set? Can your work become better if you start using AI?

We are moving out of many paradigms: The knowledge worker, the information era, and the knowledge is power. If you see carefully looks like the new paradigm we are building moves toward the power of communities. Some examples:

Social media influencers: use Social Media platforms to grow an audience and profit from it. They share the cake with the same platforms they use for free.

Private communities: Some companies or communities prefer independence and ownership as a reaction against public social media platforms. They use apps like Discord or Slack, Substack, and alike. In other words, monetization should be reasonably simple if you identify a group that cares about one topic.

How do you think all these changes affect you?

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“Up until the industrial revolution anything that humans made, including cities and roads, had to be made with the energy of organic muscles (human or animal), which was drastically limited. With the advent of cheap artificial power, we could erect tall skyscrapers, vast continental railroads, immense factories, and mass manufacturing – all way beyond what meat muscles could do. We have started to do the same with our natural thinking muscles, by seeding the world with artificial intelligences. A zoo of hundreds of different species of new types of mind will be working with humans to solve problems.”

- Kevin Kelly, founder of Wired magazine.


Let me share with you some cool tools you can use immediately. Please, avoid paying any membership fee for any new app or software until you are not sure what you can get in return. Some promising apps are available, but some are just trying to dig in the newest gold mine.

This week is an important one, my book preorder ends today and that means that the digital copies will be distributed this week! Andcards, a friendly company, is partnering with the ECA supporting a podcast I'm co-producing with Bernie J. Mitchell. Plus... I will turn 50! Wish me good luck with that :)

So, I'm sending you a massive thank you for sticking around!

Jose & Jernej.

Jose Antonio Morales

Seasoned IT pro turned Social Entrepreneur and currently integrating into the creator's economy—author of Fear Enough, Deconstructing Fear and Understanding Failure. I'm the founder of Aurora Coworking and a firm believer in the power of freedom! Check it out: www.fearenough.com

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