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Lincoln Island's Journey - Learning from TV Masters

Published 8 months ago • 2 min read

November 2, 2023.

What I learned from the TV masters

The following is what I learned by participating in a TV program in one short phrase:

The program's format is the key factor for success.

Why is that important to you?

I think it matters to anyone who cares about communicating effectively with a specific audience. Think about your customers, social media campaigns, team members, etc. Let me tell you more about what the format is:

The format includes the branding, the scenario, the program's segments, the multimedia elements, and the program's theme. The format also consists of the timings, the limitations, the number of guests, and the breaks.

Of course, the format design begins with the audience in mind, and it will determine the vibe, depth, and primary objectives.

In the case of the program I joined, the format included three guests: a famous chef, a known singer, and a vibrant and expert host, Mojca Mavec. The program is about food as a source of connection between the world's peoples. In this episode, we talked about the glorious potato, and although I'm ignorant of the theme, the potato and I share the same origin: Peru.

I was a bit frustrated because I could not explain all my stories, reflections, and philosophies. I love going deep into conversations, but the format didn't allow me. That frustration was the reason I learned about the importance of the format.

The segments had a specific timing, and Mojca led the guests masterfully to use the available time effectively. I think the program's audience was well served; they learned more about the potato's origins and its importance in Slovenian culture. They heard a great song called Toasted Potato and watched a cook prepare a fantastic mousaka. All that was delivered in a lightweight and fun fashion, making it easy for the audience.

My calls to action as questions

  1. Do I have a specific format to deliver content to my audience?
  2. Should I have more than one format?
  3. Can I improve and document the formats I use?
  4. Can I adapt my formats to different media platforms?
  5. What do I want to achieve with my formats? Entertain, inform, educate, etc.

A format I made in the past that works!

Years ago, I started to organize a series of events called Fear & Fail. It started in Slovenia and grew to 5 different countries. In short, the format was based on the following rules:

  1. Three speakers, 15 minutes per speaker, per event.
  2. Five minutes of questions per speech.
  3. Every speech had to be prepared in three sessions before the event. Each session responds to a central question:
    1. What is your story of failure?
    2. What fear caused the failure?
    3. What is your new story of fear and failure?
  4. The three speakers would present authentic stories, showing their vulnerability and generating empathy with the audience.
  5. After the stories and Q&As, the audience and speakers mingle to create new bonds and connections and round the experience.
  6. The main objective of the event is to make it obvious:
    1. Failure is part of the path.
    2. Authentic stories communicate effectively.
    3. Failure reveals our fears.
    4. Every time we overcome our failures, we grow.

I think I will restart my Fear & Fail events!

Your homework

Can you use formats to improve the way you communicate?

The end of the year is around the corner. I wish you time to remember the positive aspects of this year, make a list, and enjoy the gratitude.


Jose Antonio Morales

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